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QuickBooks Feature Shootout: Desktop Pro vs Premier vs Accountant vs Enterprise



  • Installation instructions
  • System requirements:
    • Free user guides:

    QuickBooks Quick Start Guide
    The Quick Start guide tells how to install QuickBooks and get started the right way.
    Quick Start Guide

    QuickBooks User Guide 
    The QuickBooks User Guide is our visual guide to QuickBooks. You'll learn how to get paid, pay others, and see how your business is doing.
    QuickBooks User Guide

    O'Reilly QuickBooks: The Missing Manual (The Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks)
    You get 800+ pages of step-by-step instructions on how and when to use specific features, along with basic accounting advice to guide you through the learning process.
    The Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks



    The least expensive way to get a payroll service key is to buy our Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Pro with Enhanced Payroll bundle:

    Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Pro with Enhanced Payroll

    You do not have to use the QuickBooks Pro software to use the payroll service key. It can be used with any currently supported Windows version of QuickBooks (2014-2017).

    Most of our payroll clients buy a new bundle each year when it's time to renew, replace their old payroll service key with the new one, and then cancel their old subscription. It's a lot less expensive than renewing through Intuit.


    QuickBooks Support

    Intuit provides 12 months of free support for installation, upgrade, and update issues as well as free support for error messages and product defects for as long as your version is supported (usually three years).

    Here's more info:

    Intuit support phone numbers:

    • QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Mac: 877-797-5806
    • QuickBooks Enterprise: 866-340-7237
    • QuickBooks Point of Sale: 800-348-0254
    • QuickBooks Online: 800-926-3667
    • QuickBooks Payments: 800-558-9558
    • QuickBooks Payroll: 866-223-5562

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    We offer several QuickBooks training and Bookkeeping services. Please reach out via email (services@saasdirect.co) for more information.