SaaSDirect brings price transparency and discounts to the SMB market

SaaSDirect brings price transparency and discounts to the SMB market -

SaaSDirect brings price transparency and discounts to the SMB market

Over the last decade, it has become increasingly easier and less costly to start a business. Many company services are available through various low-cost channels, a much reduced level of IT infrastructure is necessary to run the company, and plenty of critical software needs can be met through a host of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions available in the market. Where SaaS solutions were originally restricted to selected functions at the start of the SaaS revolution, today company needs ranging from Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing, Finance and Accounting, File Storage, and even vertical industry solutions can be sourced. All of these solutions are delivered via a service model where users simply log on to a website that will provide the key functionality they are seeking.

Integrating company data has been simplified and users can be off and running shortly after purchasing a subscription. Gone are the days of custom development, months-long implementations, and significant investments before a solution is ready to go live. However, the process of purchasing SaaS solutions is still fraught with challenges, especially for companies that may not buy subscriptions for hundreds or even thousands of users in a typical purchasing transaction.

For one, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) usually don’t have access to enterprise level discounts. Second, market pricing is not transparent nor easily comparable. Many vendors opt to sell their SaaS solution through value-added resellers (VARs) that will be rolling their services into a transaction thus blurring the SaaS solution purchase comparison. Furthermore, those services may not actually be needed by SMBs that just want to use the standard scope of a SaaS solution. Unless a company manages to work through those key challenges, it is likely to pay more than they need.

SaaSDirect, a marketplace recently launched out of Silicon Valley’s BootUp Accelerator, is offering popular SaaS solutions to companies with up to 300 employees at discount prices. Purchasing through SaaSDirect ( will allow SMBs to cut out the middleman and facilitate straight subscription purchases for its customers. SaaSDirect has negotiated vendor discounts through volume agreements and will continue to add new product categories. “Our customer base requests new products and we quickly deliver them via our marketplace”, says Nav Sandhu, CEO of SaaSDirect.

SaasDirect is also planning to launch an “Emerging Products” section that will deliver solutions (in Beta) that are highly innovative, but haven’t been broadly launched yet.

SaaSDirect offers additional services that will enable customers to manage their solutions purchases and usage more effectively over time. SaaSDirect also partners with selected professional services firms to allow customers to add configuration and other services as needed. As more and more SaaS solutions are being launched transforming the traditional software industry, SaaSDirect expects to see rapid growth and become the first place to which SMB companies turn when looking to buy SaaS solutions.