How to Market your SaaS Product?

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How to Market your SaaS Product?

No matter how revolutionary your SaaS product is, unless you tell people about it, nobody is going to buy it. Often when SaaS companies fail to take off, it is because of poor marketing, not poor product development. The best marketing focuses on exposing the right people to your product. Once your ideal customers become aware of everything your product can do for them, it will practically sell itself. But, first you have to get the attention of the right people.

People First Marketing

Even though your customers are businesses, businesses don’t buy anything. People working in business buy things for the business. Your marketing will be much more successful if you focus on people. This means you need to know who has the authority to buy your product. You really need to market to two different audiences, the end user and the decision makers. You want the end users to know that the product solves their problem. You want the decision makers to know that the product makes the organization better. It saves money, increases profits, or whatever other benefits it provides.

The buyers in the organization need a reason to justify spending the company’s money. With people first marketing you show them how great they will look because your product will do wonderful things for the business.

Become Indispensable

Before anyone will buy from you, they have to trust you. But, how do can you get anyone to trust you until they have used your product? There is an easy way to overcome the trust gap. You have to show your target market you truly understand them. You have to show empathy.

Showing empathy is a two-part process. First you have to convince your audience that you understand their industry, and you understand their problems. You can do this by using content marketing (blogs, podcasts, videos) to demonstrate you empathize with their pain points. Next, you use content marketing to offer solutions to some of their problems for free. You become an indispensible resource for them.

Once they trust you to solve their small problems, they will be willing to pay you to solve their big problems with your SaaS product.

Paying for Ads

Content marketing is a powerful tool to attract your ideal customers to you. But, it is often not enough to give you the boost you need to successfully launch your new product. There is a lot of noise on the web. You need help flagging down your ideal prospects.

Paid ads can help you stand out. The key to paid ads is that you don’t try and sell your SaaS product with them. Instead you use paid ads to promote your free content. These ads convert better. People love free. But, if you do it right, you get a list of prospects you can follow up with.

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You have a killer product. Now it’s time to let the world know about it.