Five Advantages of Partnering With SaaSDirect

Five Advantages of Partnering With SaaSDirect, Get Your Product in Front of Your Target Market, Harnessing the Power of Extensions, Instant Sales Force, Powerful Lead Generation, Pricing Bundling and Value-Added Services -

Five Advantages of Partnering With SaaSDirect

One of the biggest obstacles to breaking out as a startup is driving adoption of your product. Nobody wants to be your first customer. But, you cannot grow without early adopters. Many new ventures run out of money not because their product is not valuable, but because they couldn’t convince enough people to give the product a try. SaaSDirect ( was created to help solve this problem. SaaSDirect is a marketplace where startups, small and medium sized businesses can find the software they need at the prices they can afford. When you partner with SaaSDirect you gain five strategic advantages.

1. Get Your Product in Front of Your Target Market

It is hard to get the attention of business owners. There is so much noise that even a well-executed marketing plan can still fail. SaaSDirect allows you to get your product in front of the companies you want to serve. SaaSDirect is already a trusted resource where companies turn to get great prices on products like Dropbox, QuickBooks and Office360. When you partner with SaaSDirect to market and sell your product, you get access to your target market. SaaSDirect even has a market segment called “Emerging Solutions” where you may appeal to your first set of Beta customers. You determine how many customers you will accept in that initial limited release setting.

2. Powerful Lead Generation

Imagine how fast your company could grow if you had help generating leads. Developing leads, especially early on, is time-consuming and expensive. But, with SaaSDirect as a partner, you get a steady stream of high-quality low-cost leads. You get to leverage our expansive contacts. Instead of worrying about finding prospects you can focus on conversion and growing your company. Satisfied customer ratings will further accelerate your online sales.

3. Harnessing the Power of Extensions

SaaSDirect is about more than just featuring stand-alone products. Many SaaSDirect vendors add solution extensions instead of independent products. Extensions may cover a specific use case, horizontally or vertically focused, and allow you to gain the trust of the market while you also hone your skills and approach to the SaaS industry. No other marketplace offers vendors the kind of access to SaaS customers that SaaSDirect does.

4. Instant Sales Force

SaaSDirect has a vested interest in your product succeeding. That means when you partner with the marketplace you gain an instant sales force. It’s no longer just you against the world. Instead you have our algorithms, marketing, and reputation all working for you. SaaSDirect gets you more exposure than you could ever gain on your own. With our sales force working for you will grow faster and can invest the money you save in hiring salespeople back into your product.

5. Pricing, Bundling, and Value-Added Services

SaaSDirect pursues growth and sales by using an aggressing pricing strategy, creating valuable bundles, and continually offering high-quality value-added services. Smaller SaaS companies benefit by having their products priced competitively with offerings from bigger companies. They also benefit from having their products sold in bundles with better-known products. Customers are more willing to take a chance on a new product when it is paired with a product they already love. As SaaSDirect continuously monitors which products are frequently purchased together, we use that market intelligence to create new product bundles.

SaaSDirect has built the premier SaaS marketplace for startups, small and medium sized businesses. Our buyers are ready to spend money on your products. The sooner you get your products listed with SaaSDirect, the faster your company will grow. SaaSDirect is the obvious choice for developers anxious to reach the small and medium sized business market.